Ignoring Allergies for a Couple of Weeks – Thank you Zyrtec!

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Eating like a “normal” person is my favorite!

Now, this doesn’t mean that I’m going to go crazy and go right for those things I’m allergic to, but thanks to Zyrtec, I can forget about scrutinizing  labels, grilling people on the ingredients in food they made, and I can also forget about how lame it can feel turning delicious morsels down at parties or bringing my own snacks. It lets me focus more on what’s important – the Holidays! I’ll still be making some pretty cool allergen free stuff and sharing, but I’ll be having a lot more fun tasting  other stuff :)

Awesome thing I just learned – See’s Candy carries a lot of egg free and soy free candies and nothing says, “It’s the holidays!” like See’s. Click Here to view their allergy info.

My grandma always mailed us a box of nuts & chews every year for Christmas. The first one that I would choose to eat was the one that has the two chocolate covered wafers. Now, it wasn’t necessarily my favorite, but I probably just didn’t want my brother to get it. Every time we get this box we try to identify the rum nougat and throw it away, or try to get someone else to eat it! It’s so gross!

First Volleyball Practice of the Season

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This year I’m coaching the youngest age group I have ever taken for an entire season – 13 and under girls. For the past 5 years I have only coached high school players at the club level, so a more competitive and “learn/win” driven approach to coaching. What’s great is that I coach for a volleyball club that doesn’t JUST focus on winning. We feel that while winning is lovely, it isn’t the most important thing in the world, and we would never compromise our integrity or our players just to put a “W” up on the board. I think that this season is going to give me a huge opportunity for personal growth in the patience and creativity department, as I have a full roster.

What a lovely group of ladies we have coaching this year!

Later today we will meet with the parents for around an hour, and then the girls will get to practice for the remaining hour. I’ll try not to scare them too much with my 4 page packet of what I expect of both players and parents, and then hopefully I can get all of the girls to learn and remember each other’s names before the end of the hour.

Wish me Luck!