Being Thankful For 2012 | A New Year’s Resolution

I keep hearing that the world will end in 2012…In my opinion, this is ridiculous! Just take a moment to think about this. The Mayans are making a calendar, going above and beyond the 2000’s and all of a sudden – BAM! The Spaniards show up and the calendar doesn’t get finished! OR, maybe (like all calendar makers) the Mayans got tired of the project of making the calendar for the future world. People, please do not empty your bank accounts!

During our New Year’s Eve night out we were all asked about our favorite moment of 2011. The first thing I thought of was Kent’s face when we made it to Disneyland for his birthday. Pure awe and appreciation of the moment. We had a great time and it may become an annual tradition. I didn’t think about all of the challenges we had faced, or the downfalls of the year. Just thought of how happy Kent was about something that I considered trivial.

I am thankful for all of the challenges that we faced in 2011, as well as the blessings. We wouldn’t be where or who we are today without them.

In summary, my New Year’s Resolution is to take the good with the bad. It’s easy to say, but much more difficult to actually achieve. Being healthy is definitely a priority of mine, but I feel that if I can get a solid mental grip on every situation, good or bad, that everything else will fall into place.

Happy 2012 Everyone!