Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Lindsey, and I have acquired an interesting nickname throughout my travels. FiFi (pronounced Fee-Fee). This nickname came about sometime in high school and years later came back to haunt me. I realized that I need to just embrace the nickname and have fun with it. Hopefully this helps explains the tagline below the site name :)

I feel that…

…Growing up tall, dark-haired, and from a non-religious (no, not anti-religion) family in a small town of tow-headed, petite, Old Apostolic Lutherans really helped me develop a personality of my own.

…After years of suffering from unknown food allergies, and doctors who wouldn’t listen to me or just told me to take another pill,  I finally have to ability to help myself by avoiding the foods I’m allergic to [milk, eggs, peanuts, and walnuts].

…Diet & Attitude are the most important things of the day so Make It A Good One!

What you can count on finding here…

  • Food Allergy Info, Stories, and Resources
  • Tall Girl Stories & Resources
  • A Variety of Allergen Free Recipes
  • Healthy Habits

Questions or Comments? Leave them here!

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