Vegan and Gluten Free Stir Fry

I love everything about fresh vegetables; I love shopping for them, prepping them, cooking them, and of course, eating them!

You want everything to cook evenly, so prepping your veggies is by far the most important step when making stir-fry. The other most important thing? A really hot wok, or large frying pan.

Below is a list of links to ingredients I used last night, but BE CREATIVE!

Yellow Onion, chopped
Bamboo Shoots, canned (sliced)
Water Chestnuts, canned (sliced)
Chinese Peas
Bean Sprouts
Green Beans, both ends trimmed
Mini Yellow Squash
Shiitake Mushrooms (I like these whole)
Extra Firm Tofu (you can sub chicken, beef, or shrimp if you want meat)
Sesame Oil
Sesame Seeds
Gluten-Free Tamari (for sauce)
Chili Paste (for sauce)
Rice Vinegar  (for sauce)

Adjust the quantity of each ingredient according to the size of your wok and the # of people who are eating. Don’t worry about making too much, this stuff makes great leftovers!

#1: PREP all ingredients.

#2: Preheat your wok slightly before adding oil. If using garlic, ginger, onions or other whole spices, such as cumin seeds, add them and saute for 3-5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

#3: Add the ingredients that need the longest cook time. Things like tofu, seitan, tempeh, and carrots need longer time to cook. Give everything a stir…remember, this is a STIR-fry!

#4: Add your secondary (all other) ingredients to the wok and stir.

#5: Add sauce. I made a mixture of Tamari (80-85%), Chili Paste (10-15%), and a little Rice Vinegar (5%). You might need to adjust the amount of chili paste you add, depending on your taste. This isn’t a super spicy sauce, but I do like spicy food. Most of the liquid will cook off, but if you think you need to thicken it up you can use cornstarch.

#6: This is when you can add in any pre-cooked grains. Just mix together for a few minutes to allow the flavors to marry. If you decide to add pre-cooked noodles instead, you will want to cover and allow to steam for around 5 minutes.

Even the meat eaters out there will go back for seconds on this dish!