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One of the Most Aggravating [and common] Dairy Allergy Myths Dispelled

I’m here today to clear a few things up when it comes to dairy allergy facts. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you know someone who suffers from dairy allergies, or you suffer from them yourself. I’m going to say something, and I want need you to repeat it with me:Milk was a Bad Choice Meme - Will Ferrell

SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS: “Not everyone is lactose intolerant! I will not assume that someone who says they’re allergic to dairy is lactose intolerant. In fact, lactose intolerancy isn’t an allergic reaction at all.” <fistpump>

Your reward for this deed: Dairy-Free Ahi Poke Recipe

Whew! Doesn’t that feel good? I can’t tell you how many people (nearly all I encounter) assume I’m lactose intolerant – oftentimes talking over me when I’m answering their question – when I tell them I’m allergic to milk…some are even lactose intolerant people! No worries though everyone – we’re all in this together. So let’s learn a bit:

An allergic reaction is an autoimmune defense – lactose intolerance is not an autoimmune response, it’s a digestion problem. For the parents out there, this has to be tough to tell whether the usual tummy ache and flushed skin is actually an allergic reaction to milk.

Here’s a breakdown to clear a few things up:

There are 2 Main Proteins in Milk: Casein & Whey

Apha-s1 Casein: This is the main protein found in cow milk, which is often referred to as the curd, or part of the milk that coagulates and solidifies. This is different from the casein in goat milk (alpha-s2 casein), so goat milk is often a match made in heaven when it comes to finding a cow milk alternative that tastes rich and creamy.

Whey: After milk curdles, the liquid that remains is called “whey”. Yep, that yucky stuff that you pour out of the cottage cheese container.

Yall Got Any More of that Whey Protein Meme - Dave Chappell | Tall Allergic Chick

Wait then – What IS lactose?

Believe it or not, lactose is just sugar that’s found in milk. Although it’s a natural sugar, it is a sugar nonetheless, and many people are unable to digest it. Something I’ve always wondered about is the connection between diabetes and lactose intolerance. Never needed to find out since it hasn’t affected me personally.

Westboro Baptists Church Dairy-Free Funny

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Battling Negative Self Talk

Free Positive Thoughts

Not a bad idea… :)

I have spent upwards to 20 years learning and coaching positive self talk. I learned it from my volleyball coaches, as a player, and taught it stringently as a coach myself. Negative self talk is the #1 thing that can take an athlete out of their game, regardless of physical abilities. With this sound knowledge and background, how is that that I identify myself as the #1 offender of negative self talk? Here’s my major hurdle day-to-day:

“I can’t do anything right”

I can’t tell you how many times I have felt that way, even when I receive just one criticism. Nowadays, instead of giving or receiving a criticism or congrats every 11-14 seconds (average volleyball rally time) I’m found working away, giving life and work 100% of my efforts until someone flips a passing comment that carries a negative connotation. This comment may mean nothing, but without getting that constant feedback from a guiding source the only comment I have heard is negative. Now that negative comment echoes in my head for days, sometimes weeks – sometimes I even have dreams about the specific failure over and over again. Life was so easy when I was constantly receiving kudos or tips on how to improve! Almost makes me envy those who just do the minimum…

Why this way of thinking is wrong:

Obviously I CAN do things right – I know that in my heart of hearts. The majority of the things I do are pretty darn awesome to be honest. Does it feel like that? No. Should it? YES. I need to take the time, regardless of what my family, my bosses or others fail to do – and celebrate my wins too. If we only focus on losses, life feels like a loss. Even if I have to force myself to do this at home or work or wherever, focusing on the positive needs to be done. Without this, life will remain a string of losses regardless of reality. We’ve all heard these wise words, “If you think you can’t, you’re right!”

Still feel crappy? That’s OK.

The worst thing you can do about these thoughts is feel bad about them. That’s just another negative thought you’re creating in your mind. Accept that this is human nature at its best (ha!) and learning how to change those thoughts will empower you. In my case, I’m a perfectionist and I sometimes just have to tell myself that I don’t give a sh*t what <insert name here> thinks about this because I tried my very best, did well and I’m not going to beat myself up over it.

Take it from a perfectionist that will always be unsatisfied with the status quo – you have bigger and better things to worry about than failure. Without risk there is no reward, without failure we would never know how good success really is. If you’ve come this far, you’re a winner in my book :)


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First Volleyball Practice of the Season

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This year I’m coaching the youngest age group I have ever taken for an entire season – 13 and under girls. For the past 5 years I have only coached high school players at the club level, so a more competitive and “learn/win” driven approach to coaching. What’s great is that I coach for a volleyball club that doesn’t JUST focus on winning. We feel that while winning is lovely, it isn’t the most important thing in the world, and we would never compromise our integrity or our players just to put a “W” up on the board. I think that this season is going to give me a huge opportunity for personal growth in the patience and creativity department, as I have a full roster.

What a lovely group of ladies we have coaching this year!

Later today we will meet with the parents for around an hour, and then the girls will get to practice for the remaining hour. I’ll try not to scare them too much with my 4 page packet of what I expect of both players and parents, and then hopefully I can get all of the girls to learn and remember each other’s names before the end of the hour.

Wish me Luck!