Summer 2012 – Refreshing Green Papaya Salad

Out here in San Diego, we aren’t used to humidity and lately it has been hot and really humid – even at the beach! Something that is always cool and refreshing with a kick is Green Papaya Salad! Plus, it’s another excuse to use my food processor :)

Foodista’s Green Papaya Salad

400g Papaya (shredded)
4 Cloves Garlic
2-3 Green Thai chili
10 Cherry tomatoes
80g Long beans
3-4 teaspoon Fish sauce
4-5 teaspoon Lime juice
20g Dried shrimps
40g Peanuts (toasted)
3-4 tablespoon
Palm sugar


Peel the green papaya and shred the papaya with a zigzag peeler.

Soak the papaya in water to remove the acid and make it crispy.

Crush the chili, garlic, long beans, dried shrimps and peanuts with a mortar and pestle. Mix all the ingredients together and serve.

The Power of Words

I have been coaching girls volleyball since 2007 in the San Diego area.  I annually wretch and complain throughout the season to my loved ones…mainly about what I refer to as, “Non-Volleyball Related Things”. This is usually related, but not limited, to players misbehaving (expected), parents misbehaving (I hate conflict), general scheduling issues. I just love the game so much, that I hate to let emotion interfere with it.

As I looked forward to the end of our 5 1/2 month season, pushing the team’s athletic/mental abilities, I came to the stopping point that I get to every year. Do I want to do this for another year? Those of you who know me expect this every year and also know the outcome…

I LOVE VOLLEYBALL and my volleyball family! Being able to coach somewhere where I can help young ladies build character, integrity, and at the same time, compete athletically is extremely valuable to me. I am grateful for SBVC and for my players and their amazing and supportive parents/grandparents this year. THANK YOU!! Below are a few of the reasons (some easier to read than others) why I find it nearly impossible to not continue my “volleyball career” with [the non-profit] Solana Beach Volleyball Club. Long story short, this is the best end of the year coach’s gift I have received yet. To have the parents take the time to write a few sentences is so much more meaningful than that thank you card with everyones names signed on it.

Thanks Team – You kept a smile on my face for days!

Local Art | San Diego

There’s nothing better than local art – especially when you get to buy it from the artist! We thought that Harry Holiday was just a friendly face we saw as we shopped around the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market in San Diego, but little did we know we would be taking a piece (or pieces) of him home with us last Sunday. All that I know about Harry Holiday, is that he’s nice and he’s from Ocean Beach.

Harry sells prints for $10 each or 3 for $20 – so we opted for the 3 because we loved them and hey, it was a hell of a deal!  We picked up the framed from Craig Frames Inc. online for around $20 each, including shipping. All of the frames arrived safe and sound, and it was easy for me to unroll the prints and mount them.

Now to choose the wall they will call their new home…