The Power of Words

I have been coaching girls volleyball since 2007 in the San Diego area.  I annually wretch and complain throughout the season to my loved ones…mainly about what I refer to as, “Non-Volleyball Related Things”. This is usually related, but not limited, to players misbehaving (expected), parents misbehaving (I hate conflict), general scheduling issues. I just love the game so much, that I hate to let emotion interfere with it.

As I looked forward to the end of our 5 1/2 month season, pushing the team’s athletic/mental abilities, I came to the stopping point that I get to every year. Do I want to do this for another year? Those of you who know me expect this every year and also know the outcome…

I LOVE VOLLEYBALL and my volleyball family! Being able to coach somewhere where I can help young ladies build character, integrity, and at the same time, compete athletically is extremely valuable to me. I am grateful for SBVC and for my players and their amazing and supportive parents/grandparents this year. THANK YOU!! Below are a few of the reasons (some easier to read than others) why I find it nearly impossible to not continue my “volleyball career” with [the non-profit] Solana Beach Volleyball Club. Long story short, this is the best end of the year coach’s gift I have received yet. To have the parents take the time to write a few sentences is so much more meaningful than that thank you card with everyones names signed on it.

Thanks Team – You kept a smile on my face for days!