Walking Tall

Walking Tall on top of a Mountain near Denver, CO

Things that Keep Me Walking Tall:

  1. You are tallest in the morning. Gravity can compact your frame and make you up to 1″ shorter throughout the day.
  2. On average, men in the US are 5’9″ and women are 5’4″ (I’m 5’11”).
  3. The tallest US president was Abraham Lincoln at 6’2″.
  4. Who else is going to help the little old ladies get things off of the top shelf at the store?
  5. The Sacred Heart Diet set me back on track to my long, lean self!
  6. Volleyball is my passion, and is the only place where I’m the short kid.
  7. I have a natural curiosity and interest in learning, specifically with regards to the human psyche. I spent my collegiate years studying Psychology, Social and Human Development.

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